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Why You Should Shop Locally This Holiday Season

Covid-19 has hit many of us quite hard this year, but the holiday season is going to give many people the opportunity to make a positive impact on the economy, and it's easy to do! The solution is to shop locally!

When communities and nations foster their local products and small businesses, that money stays local and in return strengthens local economies. Plus, studies have shown that the money you invest in these local businesses is often recirculated back into local supply chains.

Fostering Unique Environments

When a community supports local businesses, those businesses often influence the quality and characteristics of their community, diversifying and increasing the nature of a community.

The success of these businesses also greatly affects the success of communities by influencing the quality of life. When there's more business locally, there's also more revenue in an area, that again can be put back into those communities.

Creating Jobs Locally

By shopping locally you are not only creating a positive impact on your community you are also giving these businesses the opportunity to grow and create more jobs in your district. Studies have shown that locally owned businesses tend to employ more people and that those people tend to be employed for a longer period of time.

Positive Environmental Impacts

Another impactful quality of shopping locally is a positive impact on the environment. By choosing products that are locally made and crafted you reduce the necessary fuel needed to ship international products sourced from big brands.

So shop local this holiday season and make a positive impact on our economy and environment!

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